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  • On The Move: Singapore Travel Guide

    This tiny city-state has become a hot topic since the wildly successful ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ movie came out last year. We’re excited to see a lot more Asian countries get international attention. Crazy Rich Asians was mainly focused on the glamorous side of Singapore society but it also showed some of the other fun things to check out when visiting.
  • On The Move: Hong Kong Travel Guide

    In case it wasn’t obvious: we love traveling. For our newest series, we’ll be giving you the #AllieGuide to explore some of our favorite destinations. What better place to start with than our very own Hong Kong! It's one of our favorite cities because it has something for everyone, regardless of your interests, budget, or how much time you have.

  • Globetrotting with #AllieShoes

    There was one key trait about the modern woman that we kept in mind when designing Allie Shoes. It was that she is a nomad. Woman these days (everyone in fact) are constantly flying off to exciting new destinations. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, we wanted to design shoes that lessen the headache of packing for a trip.

  • Even Your Feet Needs TLC

    From face masks to booty scrubs to laser treatments - there are plenty of ways to pamper your body. Somehow people tend to forget about their feet, which is one of the most important parts of your body because it carries you throughout the day. You'd want to make sure your feet look and feel good. Here are three ways to keep them in tip top shape.

  • Shoutout to Your ‘Mom’ Friend

    We all have that one friend. She is usually the same age as us but is wise beyond her years. She knows how to have a good time but is also the person making sure you’re staying hydrated and safe on your night outs. She is kind, loyal, and responsible. Sometimes she might be seen as a buzzkill but know that she always has your best intentions at heart.

  • 5 Love Languages to Show Mom You Care

    There is really no other person more deserving of the title Superhero than our very own Moms. With Mother’s Day approaching, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly the best way to show the most important woman in your life how much you care. We’re here to break down the different love languages and help you figure out which ones would resonate best with your Mom.
  • the spring edit

    Seasons come and go, with them come a series of trends. Some will last longer than others but very few will make an impact. This May we’re bringing you playful, feminine neutrals that will have you in the Springtime mood. Subtle but fun. Colorful but versatile. Exactly what your wardrobe is missing.

  • In Full Bloom: Spring Agenda

    Can you believe the first quarter of the year is over already? We sure can’t. It seems like it was just yesterday we were throwing out New Years Eve resolutions like nothing was impossible. Spring snuck up on us dishing out a reality check no one really asked for.  It might be tempting to focus on all the ways you’ve let yourself down since January. But hang in there, here are a few ways to make Spring the best time of year!
  • why sheepskin leather?

    As conscious consumers and producers it’s important to know what your purchases are made out of. All our products are made out of Sheepskin leather. During the process of designing we went through quite a few materials but this emerged as the best option. It was durable, comfortable, and affordable. The leather isn’t too thick but very elastic and malleable, ensuring a long life.

  • the story behind the brand

    By now you’ve probably gotten a taste of our personality through our Instagram feed and blog. Or maybe this is your very first time on our website. Regardless, we thought it was high time you got to know us better. Behind Allie Shoes are three siblings who wanted to build something together. Allie Shoes was born as an answer to a problem. We wanted to make quality staple shoes, available to everyone.

  • guess what? you're a superhero

    Women certainly have no shortage of battles to fight. We were born into a world that still has some broken ideologies about gender. The idea that we are the weaker sex is baseless and almost fundamentally false when you look at what we’re capable of. We create life. We have the ability to be sensitive, empathetic, yet resilient and strong. It is this type of duality that is so rare to men. Some might say it’s our superpower.

  • asian #Girlbosses know what they’re doing

    Did you know that women face the most gender bias in the professional world? From workplace harassment to reports of highly qualified women being passed up for management positions in place of their male counterparts (even if they are less qualified and competent), it's still an uphill battle for women. Here are some fantastic ladies taking over Asia, and soon the world.