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why sheepskin leather?

As conscious consumers and producers, it’s important to know what your purchases are made out of. You may have seen us mention it before, but all our shoe designs are made out of Sheepskin leather. During the process of designing, we went through quite a few materials and this emerged as the best option. Sheepskin leather checked all our boxes. It was durable, comfortable, and affordable. What made it an ideal choice is that the leather isn’t too thick, but very elastic and malleable, ensuring a long life.

Asian weather is not very forgiving to synthetic leather, especially in the constant humidity. Sheepskin leather is a natural temperature regulator and has moisture control properties which makes it ideal for our market. Other options were calf skin or pig skin. Pig skin, while very affordable, was really stiff and less comfortable. Calf skin on the other hand was too delicate for shoes. It is usually used in making designer handbags but gets scratched really easily.

Choosing sheepskin leather helps us fulfill our promise of comfortable shoes that will last. It’s not the cheapest material, but we made the decision to eliminate costs in other parts of our business model. It’s important to us that we are transparent with you. While this means our shoes aren’t vegan, we are proud to work with responsible factories. We were personally involved in every step of the design process and we were able to confirm that every pair of Allie Shoes is made under ethical circumstances. If you have any questions about our process and what our designs are made out of, our inbox is always open. For more information on how to care for shoes made of sheepskin leather, you can read this blog post. 

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