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walking in heels like a pro: because the world is your runway


As little girls we all eyed our Mother’s high heel collection with awe and excitement. Seeing grown women walk around in heels instantly gave them an air of class and elegance. Now as grown women, I’m sure we can all relate to the instant boost in confidence that comes when we put on a pair of heels. But with that rush of power also comes some discomfort. It’s no secret that some of the most popular heel designs can be terribly uncomfortable. We’re here to say that style doesn’t have to mean pain. Here are some tips to make wearing your favorite power shoe a lot less painful.

make sure you have the right size

This sounds like a no brainer but we know how easy it is to settle for the wrong size, especially in a world where shoe sizes sell out before you even get to see them. You may think half a size won’t really make a difference but it actually has quite the effect. Half a size too small and you’ll be suffocating your feet. Half a size too large and your foot won’t be secure then you run the risk of tripping and injuring your ankle (no one wants that!). If finding the right size is really impossible, size up and invest in some comfortable and accurate insoles to make sure your foot is secure but not too tight.

keep your posture in check

The angle at which high heels put your ankle directly impact your legs and back. Making sure you have a straight back and tight core help redirect a lot of the pressure from your feet. Walking with good posture is not just beneficial when wearing heels but it also prevents you from future nerve damage or back problems. Standing up straight is also said to improve confidence, which brings us to our next tip.

confidence is key

The real secret to walking in high heels perfectly? Confidence. High heels instantly elevate you, literally and aesthetically. So own that with a confident attitude and when in doubt, fake it. Because sometimes seeing people buy it is just enough to make you believe it yourself.


So throw on your favorite pair of heels and walk like you own the place. No amount of style is worth straining yourself physically. Investing in well made shoes as well as wearing them properly is the best ways to make you look and feel good.

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