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shoutout to your ‘mom’ friend

We all have that one friend. She is usually the same age as us but is wise beyond her years. She knows how to have a good time but is also the person making sure you’re staying hydrated and safe on your night outs. She is kind, loyal, and responsible. Sometimes she might be seen as a buzzkill but know that she always has your best intentions at heart.

This friend is important because it is someone who isn’t afraid to dish out some tough love. That’s exactly why you go to them. The ‘mom’ friend is someone so genuinely trustworthy that you always feel like you can be vulnerable around them. Even if you still have some high walls up, they’re willing to climb them. They’re usually the voice of reason and the glue that holds your group together. It’s not easy to be surrounded by so many different personalities. In the face of conflict and change, the ‘mom’ friend reminds everyone what brought them together in the first place.

The truth is, not everyone has the same kind of relationship with their mothers. Some might be more complicated that others. That’s why it is extra special when we can experience those feelings of being nurtured and cared for outside of our family. This Mother’s Day we wanted to keep in mind all the women who aren’t mom’s yet, have strained relationships with their moms, once were moms, and everything in between. The title mom isn’t limited to those who are biologically mothers. It extends to the women with open and generous hearts who extend themselves to everyone in their life.

Don’t take your ‘mom’ friend for granted. If you’re not sure who the ‘mom’ friend is then it’s probably you. We wanted to take the time to give this person a shoutout because more often than not, they put others first. We want to thank you for taking care of everyone with that big heart of yours. Thank you for filling our life with even more love. While you’re busy taking care of us, don’t ever forget to take care of yourself. And have a little bit of fun. This time, we’ll make sure to get you home safe!

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