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on the move: hong kong travel guide

In case it wasn’t obvious: we love traveling. For our newest series, we’ll be giving you the #AllieGuide to explore some of our favorite destinations. What better place to start with than our very own Hong Kong! This has quickly become one of the most popular destinations because it’s a quick flight from other Southeast Asian countries. Hong Kong is the type of city that you could enjoy over a weekend but will be left wanting more. Hong Kong is one of our favorite cities because it has something for everyone, regardless of your interests, budget, or how much time you have.


for the young & young at heart

Hong Kong is a great destination for the young ones but who says theme parks are just for kids? Hong Kong has its very own Disneyland as well as Ocean Park. While Hong Kong Disneyland is a lot smaller than other Disneyland parks around the world, it has more than enough fun for a whole day. It has some of the most iconic rides: the Mad Tea Cup Ride, Flying Dumbo Ride, and the Buzz Lightyear Ride, to name a few. If you’re looking for some more hardcore rides and animal fun then Ocean Park is for you. They have a combination of rollercoasters, carnival games, plus some fun animal viewing and feeding activities.

for the shopaholics

Even if you come to Hong Kong without the intention of shopping, we challenge you to leave empty-handed. Besides having a great selection of popular western brands, Hong Kong has some very exciting street markets. One of the most popular street markets would have to be the Ladies Market. Happening every evening, it’s the best place for you to practice your bartering skills. You’ll find stalls full of knick knacks, cute tech accessories, or bootleg bags if that’s up your alley. If you’re eyeing something more luxurious, Central is one of the most beautiful areas lined with designer boutiques like Chanel, Prada, and many more.

for the content creators

Let’s face it, no trip would be complete without a photo op here and there. Besides the gorgeous skyline and city shots, Hong Kong has several photo walks you can take on your own. The Sheung Wan district has a colorful array of murals on almost each corner. It’s a great testament to the bustling creativity the city inspires. Another hot spot is the colorful tennis courts at Choi Hung Estates which you will recognize from all the Instagram posts shot there in the recent year. Truth be told, each and every corner of Hong Kong unveils something magical making it picture perfect.

for the foodies (aka everyone)

Food is key to any great vacation and Hong Kong does not disappoint. Something you can’t miss out on trying is their street food. Delicious, affordable, and quick -- you will see food stalls sprinkled throughout the city and at most markets. Hong Kong also has one of the most prestigious culinary scenes in the world. You can find several Michelin Star restaurants in the city -- just be warned, people line up for food this good! If you’re looking for some good drinks, then hit up the iconic Lan Kwai Fong -- a street lined with restaurants and bars that come to life in the evening.


We hate to sound biased, but Hong Kong really is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The activities listed are just the tip of the iceberg. What makes it such a dynamic place to see is that you have both the city and the ocean in one place. When the hustle and bustle gets to be too much you can head on a hike or even to the beach. We hope we fueled your wanderlust, what destination do you want us to feature next? Leave your requests down below!

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