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no woman is an island

Just an FYI tearing other women down (or other people in general) has never been cool. But tearing down your fellow woman, well now you’re just setting the feminist movement several steps back. The idea that there is limited opportunity for success is usually what pits women against each other. For some reason we are hardwired to believe that one woman’s success must mean another’s failure. Not only is this completely irrational but the opposite is actually true. Every woman’s success is your success as well.

We need to start reminding each other that there is room for all of us at the table. Recognize that personal agendas are part of a grand scheme, one where women don’t lose opportunities because of their gender. What you put out you shall receive. Raise each other up and you will build a tribe. It’s time to erase the catty and toxic stereotypes that female relationships have. You don’t have to love everyone, that’s impossible. But respecting one another goes a long way. Out of respect comes honesty and that is always the most valuable feedback. Respect and honesty lay the foundation for supportive and uplifting relationships.

It’s important not just to support each other on the way up but that once we reach the top we extend a hand down to those trying to get there. When we make strides and break through the glass ceiling it’s our duty to create opportunities and open doors for those that will come after us. Hire women. Watch films produced and directed by women. Support female owned businesses and products. In a world where women are often overlooked, give credit where credit is due. Sometimes it’s as simple as liking a photo on Instagram and commenting on a post looking for advice. We’re lucky to have so much information at our fingertips but the best advice and knowledge comes from personal experience - be generous in sharing that wisdom, There are so many ways to connect with ladies doing amazing things. By doing so you are not just strengthening the community but you’re fostering a safe place for other female trailblazers and entrepreneurs to share their ideas. When one wins, we all win.

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