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love your shoes: how to properly care for your #AllieShoes


From the very beginning it was important to us that we made shoes that were not just beautiful but meant to last. Aesthetically pleasing but practical. That is why your Allie shoes are handcrafted from genuine sheepskin leather. While our shoes are very durable on their own, proper care will go a long way in ensuring that your pair lives a long life.  

before going out

Make sure to remove the protective bottom to prevent slippery soles. Don’t be so quick to throw it out, it will be a great tool to care for your shoes when storing them. The inside of your shoes are also made out of the same ultra-luxe leather so make sure your feet are clean and any painted nails are dry. (We know all about those last minute pedicures before rushing out the door!)

out and about

While we want you to enjoy all the best that life has to offer, in order to prolong the color and quality of your Allie shoes please avoid stepping in puddles, paint, oil, and the like. It is also best not to expose your shoes to direct sunlight, heat, or humidity for too long because it could affect the quality of the leather.


Wiping your shoes should be done light handedly with a dry, gentle cloth. Do not attempt to clean your shoes with soap and water because it will stain the leather. If your shoes are wet allow them to dry naturally but away from heat or sunlight.


When you love something you want it to be comfortable. That is why we provide you a dust bag for each pair of shoes. When not in use, store your pair in the dust bag to avoid potential damage from dust and sunlight. Do not store near a direct source of heat or a humid area.

going the extra mile

If you would like to take extra steps to care for your Allie shoes you can also purchase a leather protectant solution. If you’re doing it yourself make sure to spread it evenly to avoid streaking. But some things are better left to the professionals.


Investing extra time and care into your pieces will pay off in the long run. As we mentioned, our shoes are handcrafted from fine-grained sheep leather. We chose this material because as time goes on the shoe naturally contours to the shape of your foot. Giving you a uniquely perfect fit that you’ll want to wear forever.

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