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in full bloom: spring agenda

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is over already? We sure can’t. It seems like it was just yesterday we were throwing out New Year's Eve resolutions like nothing was impossible. Spring snuck up on us dishing out a reality check no one really asked for. It might be tempting to focus on all the ways you’ve let yourself down since January. But hang in there, here are a few ways to make Spring the best time of the year!

progress update

Remember those goals you made a few months back, when you were on a New Year's high? If you’re on track and have been killing it, congratulations! But if those resolutions are hiding somewhere in your closet gathering dust, you’re not the only one. This is a make or break time for those goals. It can be so easy to forget about your goals when you feel like you spent the past three months not doing anything. Maybe you haven’t lost 5 pounds or made a dent in your student loans yet, but that’s no reason to throw in the towel. Making actual changes in your life takes time. Lot’s of it. Be kind to yourself and the journey you’re on. Look at every single day as a new chance to do better and move a little closer towards your goals.

press the refresh button

When April rolls around the first thing on everyone's mind is Spring Cleaning. It may seem daunting and even unnecessary but a good cleanse can do wonders for you. Take a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and re-evaluate what things you’re holding onto, both material and emotional. Clear out your closet. Let go of toxic relationships. Make more room for positive experiences and make sure that all your material possessions bring value to your life.

a change of scenery

One of the best parts about spring is the weather. It’s the wonderful transition where you’re not enduring the winter cold or summer heat -- driving lots of people to spend time outside. When the weather is this lovely, it’s almost a crime not to enjoy it. Drop by your local park or explore a new hiking trail. Around this time there are also plenty of weekend markets or music festivals if you’re looking for something more interactive. If you’re not very outdoorsy, try visiting a new cafe to study or get work done. Your brain and eyes could use a new view every now and then. It has been proven that changing up your surroundings can motivate you and improve your productivity.


Each and every season brings with it new emotions and circumstances. It reminds us just how quickly time goes by. So don’t fixate too much on what could have been and instead embrace the present. Future you will be very grateful. Accomplishing goals is hard but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way. That’s half the fun!

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