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guess what? you're a superhero

With every new day comes another report of something unjust happening. It’s the unfortunate reality of our world but it also gives us something to work on. Women certainly have no shortage of battles to fight. We were born into a world that still has some broken ideologies about gender. The idea that we are the weaker sex is baseless and almost fundamentally false when you look at what we’re capable of. We create life. We have the ability to be sensitive, empathetic, yet resilient and strong. It is this type of duality that is so rare to men. Some might say it’s our superpower.

As we continue to break down these stereotypes and debunk ancient ideologies, it’s also important that we redefine girl power. By redefine we actually mean to completely shatter any preconceived notion of what girl power is. Girl power looks different to everyone. There is no wrong type of girl power. No form of girl power is more important or valid than the other. If we sit on a high horse and shut down someone who has different beliefs then we’re not making any progress at all. Let everyone’s girl power manifest in their own way. After all, if we were all empowered in the same way, it would start to get boring.

Women are always being told what to be. Be kind. Be soft. Be ambitious. But not too ambitious. You don’t want to come off as a bitch, do you? We’re always presented with a series of words we should aim to be. But never too much. Don’t be too much of this because it may offend someone. Yet one of our greatest powers is our innate compassion for the world. It seems the world took compassion and kindness to mean that we have to be meek and subservient. Women have already proven how resilient and powerful we are. We are able to endure with patience and passion. The ability to have our sensitive and rational sides not just coexist but actually inform each other is something that men struggle with. But maybe, just maybe, if they weren’t scared to be vulnerable, soft, and even a little honest - we could start to solve a few problems.

Disconnecting yourself from these preconceived notions about who you should be will help you remember that you. are. enough. People's expectations are mostly projections about how they feel about themselves. When we feel we lack or are failing in some portion of life, we’re told the answer is to find someone else. We’ve been taught that finding a significant other will fill some hole and complete us but we are not halves. We are whole people on our own. You should be looking for someone to grow with you. You are a beautiful work in progress who already has everything she needs inside of her, just don’t forget it!

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