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globetrotting with #AllieShoes

There was one key trait about the modern woman that we kept in mind when designing Allie Shoes. It was that she is a nomad. Woman these days (everyone in fact) are constantly flying off to exciting new destinations. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, we wanted to design shoes that lessen the headache of packing for a trip.

Suitcase space is prime real estate and as much as you’d like to have options when traveling, it is important to be practical. Shoes are some of the bulkiest items to pack, taking up both physical space and weight allowance. Keep it easy with our flats which are slim and lightweight enough to fit anywhere. Each pair of shoes also comes with a dust bag so you don’t have to worry about your shoes floating around with the rest of your clothes.

The best way to explore a new city is by foot that is why comfort is key. Ever pair of Allie Shoes is made with a buttery soft sole that will cushion your foot. The sturdiness of a shoe is often overlooked but it is important that your shoe is made out of good material so it provides your feet with the support they need. That’s why some shoes need to be broken in, because the leather needs time to mold to your feet, for the perfect fit.

What really makes Allie Shoes the perfect travel buddy is its versatility. Our timeless neutrals will match with almost any outfit so you don’t have to overpack shoe options. Tourist fashion used to be just about practicality and function. We prove that you can have comfort and still be polished. After all, the best compliment is not looking like a tourist. Not only are our shoes stylish, but they’re durable. The sheepskin leather insures that your shoes survive all the exploring and be easily cleaned when you get home. We took care of all the important things so you can focus on what really matters: your holiday time.

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