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fact: you are worth it

Since the dawn of time it seems that women have been preconditioned to not think highly of themselves. We’ve been told that being proud is obnoxious, that it’s arrogant. The maternal profile of a woman has become this expectation that women are born to serve and procreate; that she can put others' needs before hers. Loving, serving, and doing right by other people isn’t wrong. These are very noble aspirations. But these goals should never cause you to lose sight of your self worth.

Valuing yourself will never take away your ability to help others. Each and every person in this planet deserves to be here. Your circumstances, age, or gender will never make you less deserving of respect and opportunity. None of these things contribute into your value as a human being. The fact that you are here, that you are growing, and constantly trying - that’s enough.

The moment you realize and internalize these things, you will finally see that you have nothing to prove. Not to anyone but yourself. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Each and every person is on a different path and has gone through different things, which is why it’s unproductive to compare your accomplishments with others. Your metric for success shouldn't be defined by other people because they are leading completely different lives. Define what success and happiness is for you. Realize that your happiness is just as important as your loved ones. If along the way there are a few bumps, try not to be too hard on yourself. You are after all, just human. Treat yourself the way you would want your loved ones to be treated.

Have no regrets because setbacks are simply an opportunity to learn. Failure just brings you that much closer to success. If you were to let the fear of what others think stop you for going after what you want, then you’re not living for yourself. Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes, the freedom to be mediocre even. Overnight successes are rare, and let’s be honest, a little overrated. So take you time and enjoy the process. Know that your feelings and dreams are valid. We’re here to tell you that as long as you show up and do your best, you’re already winning.

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