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asian #Girlbosses know what they’re doing

Did you know that women face the most gender bias in the professional world? From workplace harassment to reports of highly qualified women being passed up for management positions in place of their male counterparts (even if they are less qualified and competent), it's still an uphill battle for women. Stories from Silicon Valley make the tech world seem like a ‘boys only club’ but every day another woman launches a startup or secures funding for an exciting new venture. Here are some fantastic ladies taking over Asia, and soon the world.

liah yoo

This beauty influencer turned startup founder set out to make skincare less intimidating than it has come to be. In a very saturated market, KraveBeauty stands out from the rest with its refreshing transparency. A key message Liah wants you to take away is that less is more. It’s time to listen to your skin instead of overwhelming it with every new product that comes your way. The brand stays true to their world with a lineup of two products that sold out in a matter of days after it launched. With hard to beat price points, quality, and a product that will simplify your routine in the long run, Liah is set to take over the beauty industry.

nana chan

Few things go far back as tea and cake. Two things that have recurring roles in your childhood memories. Maybe it was visiting your grandparents for an afternoon cup or playing house as a kid (we all had those tiny tea cups, right?) or fast forward today, we’ve reinvented the ‘tea date’ several ways. It was the way tea and cake had a way of bringing people together that inspired Nana Chan to open her first cafe, Teakha. In a bustling city like Hong Kong she knew plenty of people were in search of a place where they could come and have time slow down. So she created a spot where people could enjoy each other's company as well as the beautiful art of tea. It’s a special talent to take something so traditional and create a modern experience for just about anyone.

sonalie figueiras

Dubbed a ‘serial entrepreneur’, Sonalie is behind Green Queen, an impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong. A quick glance at the homepage reveals a menubar with topics such as: Eat More Plants, Live Low Waste, Vote With Your Wallet, Be Inspired, and Invest in You. It shows just how well rounded the platform is and it’s creating resources for the modern woman to prosper and grow. Like most things, this website was an answer to a problem. In her quest to lead a cleaner life, Sonalie struggled with the lack of resources in Hong Kong. Through her experiences she realized everything she needed was there and decided to share it with other people who might have similar interests.

yen kuok

Kuok most recently founded ‘Guiltless’ a luxury consignment website coming out of Hong Kong, a disruptor in the Asian market. Her credentials include J. P. Morgan, Google, and a Stanford degree. She aims to remove the stigma around second hand businesses and elevate. We can definitely get behind someone who believes in secondhand (it’s eco friendly!) and is working to create a one of a kind luxury experience.

sairee chahal

One of the industries with the most reports of gender inequality is the tech world. Young girls who have interests in STEM or IT can get discouraged from pursuing a career in those fields because of the prevalent ‘boys only’ attitude. Women who do push forward and pursue careers in those fields often get passed up for promotions or recognition in favor of their male peers. Sairee Chahal recognized how big these problems were in her native country, India. She then set out to build SHEROES, a platform that offers information and guidance for women looking to advance their professional career. She works to not just give the women tools but also opportunities to work in technology.


You might feel intimidated by all these intelligent and successful women. But the secret is that they all started by finding their ‘why’. What problem were they looking to solve? Which industry are they looking to disrupt? The most impactful projects usually come from project aimed to serve and create more opportunities. What is your why & how are you going to act on it?

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