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a beginner's guide to self-love


Valentine’s day has come and gone but we’re here to remind you that spreading the love is just as important on the other 364 days of the year. While it’s a great excuse to show the people you love just how important they are, we hope you don’t lose sight of the real MVP of your life: you. 

Self love isn’t a result or a final destination, it’s a process. It starts by making small intentional changes. We’re not going to suggest you embark on an Eat. Pray. Love. escapade (but it does sound tempting..). Instead we’re going to share a few ways you can give yourself the TLC it deserves.

bedtime rituals

You might have a 10 step skincare routine or you might be a wash and moisturize kind of girl. But we’re sure your pre-bedtime involves getting un-ready. This is me-time that’s already in your daily routine. Becoming intentional about taking your time, nourishing your skin, and pampering yourself can be transformative. Stop worrying about what happened earlier in the day or what you have to look forward to tomorrow - for 15 minutes just enjoy that new serum you have or whip out that face mask you’ve been meaning to try on. Bonus points if you can turn off your phone for this. Electronic devices continue to stimulate your brain making it harder for you to fall asleep. By setting a digital curfew for yourself your brain will be able to settle down and give you a better night’s sleep.

be kind to yourself

If you’ve fallen into the trap of guilt tripping yourself or fixating on past mistakes it can be really hard to break this pattern. The way you speak and the language you use has a big effect on the way you see yourself and how you interact with others. Think of it this way: how would you feel if your best friend was always saying unkind things to herself? You would immediately jump in to stop her. So the next time you’re thinking about all your flaws or wondering if you’re a good enough daughter, employee, or friend - stop, step back, and be patient with yourself.

treat yourself

This doesn’t just mean material things. Sometimes it’s as simple as cancelling all your Saturday plans to stay at home and binge watch your favorite series. Indulge in the things that really make you happy and do it unapologetically. There is no shame in taking time to yourself to just be. In this day and age there’s this pressure to constantly be ‘on’ and available to others. Try turning off your phone for an hour and reading a book, we promise the world won’t end. 


Like we mentioned earlier, self love is a journey. There is no instant remedy. In such a fast paced world taking care of yourself almost seems like an impossible luxury. Especially when you focus most of your energy on the other people in your life. So in case you needed to hear (or read) it here it is: your are worthy and you are loved.

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