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5 kick-ass people we love (who just happen to be women)

As a brand built for women - it has always been part of our goal to empower and inspire. International Women’s Day is just around the corner so we thought we’d shine the spotlight of some kickass women making amazing strides, not just in their own industries, but in society as a whole.

yara shahidi

Both on screen and off screen, this young actress is very vocal about what she believes in. She proves that youth is no excuse to be complacent. She founded Eighteenx18 - a platform encouraging other young people to be more active in the upcoming elections. Yara is a girl after our own hearts. Stylish, passionate, and most of all: someone who uses her position to empower those around her.

sonita alizadeh

Through her courage and resilience, Sonita has become one of the youngest people to come out of Iran and speak out against forced marriages. The young activist shares her message with the world through rap and the documentary, Sonita.

kerstin fosberg

Kerstin Fosberg founded the NGO Planeta Oceano, a non profit dedicated to ocean and marine life conservation. While the non profit is based in Kerstin’s native country, Peru - the conservation biologist has also been recognized globally. She works hand in hand with communities and fishermen in Peru to engage them in protecting marine life, specifically manta rays. She also spearheads several restoration and sustainable development initiatives.

michelle yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is a modern day heroine. The actress was a standout on camera not just because of her beauty but because of her commitment to do all her own stunts. If that’s not fierce then we don’t know what is. From Bond movies to Star Trek, she is definitely a scene stealer. One of her most recent real life credits includes UNDP Goodwill Ambassador. Helping spread awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals, she has been shedding more light on what sustainable fashion can do for our world.

phoebe philo

While many designers specialize in women’s clothing, very few design for women. Phoebe Philo was one of the rare few who created for women. Real women, not the women projected and dreamed up by the fashion industry. She is known for challenging the female stereotypes and criticizing the sexualization of the female body in fashion.


While these women are doing remarkable things and getting their messages out, we want to remind you of something. Whether you’re speaking to 1 million followers or 1 good friend, your voice matters. It’s being heard. Never lose sight of that because we need each and every amazing woman out there doing her part to make all our voices heard.

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