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5 love languages to show mom you care

There is really no other person more deserving of the title Superhero than our very own Moms. From carrying us for 9 months to enduring the beautiful act of giving birth, there is no way to repay what they’ve done for us. The beauty of women is that we all have a complex and personal relationship with our Mothers. With Mother’s Day approaching, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly the best way to show the most important woman in your life how much you care. After all, how do you begin to even say thank you? We’re here to break down the different love languages and help you figure out which ones would resonate best with your Mom.


acts of service

This is a way of showing her that you want to make her life easier. You could run errands for her or take care of that one task she’s been putting off. It doesn’t have to be something big. Helping her with tasks that you once thought were menial shows that you see what they do everyday and take it seriously. So drive your mom to the store, wash the dishes, or help out with some chores at home. These are the little things that mean the most.

quality time

This goes hand in hand with 'Acts of Service' but 'Quality Time' is a very good way to show the important people in your life just how much they mean to you. No matter how life gets in the way, find ways to spend quality time with your mom. She isn’t getting any younger after all. It is difficult but time isn’t always about the duration, it’s about being fully present and acknowledging that everyone’s time is equally valuable. When someone gives you 30 minutes of their time make the most of it. Drop by your Mom’s place unexpectedly with lunch and a silent phone. As with acts of service, you don’t have to be doing anything extravagant or expensive. As you get older, quality time leads to quality memories that your Mom will treasure for the rest of her life.

physical touch

All human beings crave touch. It goes back to spending 9 months in our mothers' wombs. From the moment we are born, our mothers' instinct is to pick us up. You may grow up with a lot of physical affection or little to none at all. That will set the tone for how you interact with other people in your adult life. Just know that there is power in touch. Whether it’s a tight hug or a pat on the back, you never know just how comforting a small touch can be. You’re never too old to hold your Mom’s hand either but if that’s not your style, walking with your arm through hers is a lighthearted but personal action that will bring you closer.

thoughtful gifts

We’re firm believers that the best things can’t be bought by money. That being said, who doesn’t like receiving gifts? It’s a nice concrete way of pampering your Mom. With the internet, it’s even easier to shop online for Mom. There are a sea of options and we trust you to find exactly what suits her personality, but you certainly can’t go wrong with a stylish pair of Allie Shoes. Get 10% off at checkout for you and your superwoman when you use the code ILOVEMUM.

words of affirmation

This last love language might be the easiest because it doesn’t require your physical presence. Words hold power and in a world when it is becoming easier to speak so casual (ILY) words of affirmation speaks volumes (no pun intended). We aren’t taught to be fully transparent with our feelings. When was the last time you just told your mom how thankful you are for her? “Mom, I just want you to know that you’re a superwoman and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. I am so grateful to have you in my life.” Love letters now come in the form of texts, emails, voice notes, and the classic handwritten notes. Moms are human too and sometimes they need those words of validation more than you know. Life is too short to be shy about how you feel.


Love languages remind us that there isn’t just one way (or a right way) of showing someone you care. We might do it in different styles but all acts of love are appreciated. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money or do something over the top to make your Mom feel special. You also have nothing to prove. A Mother’s love is eternal. Take every day as a new opportunity to remind her that so is yours.

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