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The Making of Allie Shoes

Jan 21, 2021


By now you’ve probably had a taste of our personality through our Instagram feed -- or maybe this is your very first time on our website. Regardless, we thought it was high time you got to know us better:

Allie Shoes is more than just a brand. We launched Allie Shoes because we wanted to create stylish and comfortable shoes made of high quality materials, and without the steep price tag. We decided to make our designs as neutral and as simple as possible because we wanted our shoes to be timeless and versatile.

When we were first started out, we realized there weren’t a lot of brands out there that offered quality footwear at decent prices. Most fast fashion retailers put out large quantities each season and people shop because of the competitive pricing. While the affordable price tag seems appealing in the moment, your pair of shoes most likely won’t last into the next season. On the other end of the spectrum, well-made shoes usually come at a hefty designer price tag. The truth is, the markup is pretty high for these brands. We wanted to make quality staple shoes, available to everyone.

We travelled around the world looking for the perfect supplier. Eventually we decided to work with a team close to home. Having our products made in Asia allowed us to keep our costs at a minimum without sacrificing on the materials and on the craftsmanship.

We aimed for quality, and our designs had to be timeless. Comfort was key, but so was style. We didn’t want anything too trendy because we knew there were more than enough options on the market for that.

After we found the perfect supplier, we proceeded to work on our first designs and colorways. It was a very satisfying process picking out our neutral shades because it was important that they were flattering for a variety of skin tones. We settled on three basic neutral shades -- matte black, matte nude pink, and matte nude. Every aspect, from our product design to website content, was an intentional choice.

We decided to be exclusively online to cut overhead costs and, in turn, make our shoes available to more people. Currently we ship worldwide, but we mostly cater to Hong Kong and Singapore (Tip: you may enjoy free shipping and easy returns to Hong Kong and Singapore with any purchase when you shop online!). With your support, we hope to reach more people. Let us know where you’re based so we can work on getting some Allie Shoe’s magic to you! Thank you for joining us on this journey to create thoughtful products made for modern women. You have a lot bigger battles to fight, finding the right pair of shoes shouldn’t be one of them.

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